'Sage Green' Scorched Series (Special Request Only)

042J Tasmanian Blackwood

Baritone Scorched Series (Special Request)

Huon Pine (Special Request)

Pro shot sent in by

Huon Pine 'Sitar' build

Pigsy #1

Traveller #3

Hesston #5

Hesston #4

Hesston #3

Hesston #2

Scorched Series TeleMaster

L to R: Tasmanian Blackwood, Tasmanian Pine, Victorian Ash

Unique grain pattern on Tasmanian Pine

Traveller #2

Close-up of 'Snake #1' - Snake Head Telecaster Tribute

'German Carve' Nashville Tele (Special Request)

Nashville TeleMaster (Special Request)

Victorian Ash - Tru Oil

African Black Limba (Black Korina)

Queensland Red Mahogany (Special Request)

Victorian Ash (Special Request)

Early JazzCasterĀ

001JBlackwood Esquire

Blackwood Bass

QLD Knotty Pine