Lifetime Warranty

JH GUITARS offers a lifetime warranty on all purchases of complete guitars. 

This includes the structural integrity of the build, quality of the materials used and that all materials are as advertised. All guitars will be shipped as described, in working order, with 'action' of 2mm or lower and 'ready to play'.

Electronics are limited to 12 months from the purchase date. 


What we will cover:

-Any natural degradation of the body or neck. 

- Poor fitting of parts or failing of parts 

- Poor workmanship leading to an item being 'not as described'

- Shipping or transport to perform repairs


What we will not cover:

- User caused damage

- Damage or fault from attempting repair by anyone other than JH GUITARS

- Natural 'wear and tear'

- Damaged caused by weather / climate


JH Guitars follows and abides by the ACCC 'Repair, Replace or Refund' laws as outlined here: